My name is Corey Drayton.  I’m a Professional Motion Picture cinematographer with nearly 15 years of experience in feature film, commercial, Television, and documentary with a career that's taken me around the world and across the United States.  I designed and taught the first ever Cinematography workshop at Portland's Newspace Center for Photography, and have worked with numerous brands across many industries. A voracious reader, who enjoys literature, motorcycles, hiking, fencing, surfing, playing chess, cello and private aviation, I'm currently based in Portland, Oregon with my partner, a reformed stray cat, and two faithful Australian Kelpies:  Huck Finn and Luna.  

Making images has enabled me to know some of our era's luminaries such as Stan Brakhage, Anne Waldman, Chuck Klosterman, and Hunter S. Thompson. In 2006 I found myself in Taiji, Japan working with a band of rookie filmmakers. Their budget allowed them enough equipment to make Michael Bay blush However they needed a technician.  Someone who could wrangle the process, empowering them to focus on and go after the story.  For three years I brought my expertise as an 1st Assistant Cameraman to their film,  managing the technical and logistical, so they could focus on weaving a compelling tale of ecology and redemption. That film, The Cove, would go on to win an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary at the 2009 Oscars.

My work on The Cove set me on the squarely on the path of the indispensable Assistant Cameraman, managing the technical demands of production and wrangling the logistical gremlins, so the key creatives could focus on crafting their best work.  Since then, I've shifted my focus to operating and have shot features, commercials, documentaries, stills and motion around the world and across the United States; connecting to people and the human experience though making pictures.  Having trained my way up through the camera department, with over a decade of experience as a 1st AC, my passion for camera systems and organized process keeps the gremlins at bay, bringing elegance and efficiency on set.

My diverse ethnic background (English, West Indian, Finnish and German Jewish) has given me a individual lens through which I take in the world.  That individualist perspective greatly informs the images I produce, technically proficient and evocative, but also sui generis. To me a camera isn't simply an inert object, made of cold alloys, glass and complex wiring. A camera is a catalyst for possibility, a tool that builds bridges of understanding, brings worlds together and  connects human experiences though evocative sight and sound.  Our love of the movies, of visual storytelling harkens back to a time when Human beings gathered around the fire and told stories. Thus visual content creators have a sacred trust: Autopsis. To see with our own eyes. To interface with a world that is often contradictory and interpret what we see into beacons, lighting the way to truth and greater understanding.

My commitment to you

Good company on the journey makes the way seem shorter.  The production process can be a straight-forward, positive experience and the client-to-creative relationship should be built on a foundation of respect, transparency, and voluntarism. I believe long-lasting relationships are the bedrock of every business venture, and I seek to nurture those relationships through listening to your creative needs.  I look forward to getting to know you, and bringing my skills and strengths to your next project!

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I have been working with Corey for Six years now. He has proven to be an indispensable member of every production I’m on. He’s my first call, whenever I book a gig. His organization and technical skills as an AC are only surpassed by his creative eye as a DP and photographer. I highly recommend working with him whenever possible.
— Jacob Hinmon Director/Four + One Productions, Unit 9 Films
Corey was always willing to help me in any capacity I needed. Furthermore, as an editor, it was always a pleasure to work with footage he shot. His creativity was an incalculable asset to any project he touched, and his professionalism was second to none. I would recommend Corey to any production company without question, and without hesitation.
— Seth Whelden Freelance Director of Photography
I thought my movies were beautiful... and then I met Corey. His ability to collaborate, take risks and think quickly & holographically has enriched my work in ways I could never illustrate with a mood board. He’s able to tap deeply into another dimension of mood, color and verisimilitude. Can’t wait to work with him again.
— Travis Blue Director/Cathedral Park
Corey is an inspiration to work with on set. He is brilliantly creative, rediculously polite, and full of bright, contagious energy. I’m quick to refer his talents any chance I get.
— Julie Flesner, L.E. Marketing Assistant + Stylist/Esthetician