GASOLINE is a ongoing twice-monthly project meant to give inspiration and resources to stuck creatives. The creative process can be long and arduous -  the pressure for originality and innovation overwhelming. GASOLINE is there when you need inspiration, but it's even more than that. Along with kindling to fuel your creative fire you also get a community of contributors, working with the same material, who share their finished work, as well as the processes and insights that got them there.


In January 2017 I was stuck.  2016 had been the year of "hurry up and wait." Slow growth and election malaise had left the motivation machinery out of gas.  Portland's only Weekly Creative Sandbox, Tuesdays on Tillamook (TonT), had become too much to manage and so resigned to permanent hiatus.  The vibrant community of image makers that had sprung up around the event atomised.  I'd helped get TonT off the ground with founders Jacob Hinmon and Jeremy Pair, and I didn't want to lose the creative momentum that TonT had fostered; the challenge of pulling together a concept and executing it each week despite much of my mental bandwidth already devoted to client work.  TonT was something bigger than just a meetup for those of us lucky to be there; it was a sanctuary where people could gather to experiment and share skills. 

One thing TonT taught me was that the process of getting unstuck, finding new inspiration and moving forward with a new body of work isn't one that a creative should face alone.  I wanted to create a resource to help other creative professionals get unstuck while at the same time building a community just as TonT had in the two years prior. So many had come to depend on TonT as a place to learn, experiment, and let their hair down. What if I could build an outpost of the TonT community with a self-sustaining platform - unencumbered with the demands of a space and staffing - yet still unified by a set of core values?"


1. Accountability - It's not enough to have a great idea. You have to show up,  do the work, and support others to do the same.

2. Freedom of conscience - Creativity and freedom of speech go hand-in-hand. Creatives have a duty to ask the hard questions, be provocative, and shouldn't be curtailed by the party-line.  Where there is controversy or disagreement there's also opportunity for dialogue.

3 .Hospitality - We have the opportunity to share our skills with those willing to do the work.

4. Freedom from Indifference - We care.  We give feedback. We give push-back. We help each other through the creative process.

5. Reciprocity - What we receive, we give of equal value.


Initially it means you have the chance to have your work featured by WAYFARER as inspiration to others who are working to break through a creative block.  You'll also have the chance to be interviewed by WAYFARER Key Contributors and have your process and creative story shared.  It's a chance to give back, while also expanding the outreach of your work around the world.