TEDx Portland 2017.

"Most designers forget that their work must talk to human beings." - George Lois' rule no.79

In winter of 2017 I teamed up with Enjoy the Weather and Jacob Hinmon at Four + One to produce these stunning billboards for TEDx Portland 2017.  I'd never worked on billboards before and it was an exciting and unique experience.  We've all seen (Ok, I'll admit it: Ignored) mediocre billboards, and we wanted to make a statement.

These human centered billboards invite the viewer into a world of ideas and face-to-face emotional connection.  

What stays with me from this experience; while these boards were live, not a single one of them was ever graffitied.  I can't help but think we earned the respect of Portland's numerous underground street artists. Beautiful images with captivating, distinctive aesthetic value have a place in the landscape, and just because it's advertising doesn't mean it can't be artful. Advertising absolutely should grab the attention, but it should also contribute something to the environment in which it lives.